Magdalena Leaker

Art On A Mission: Founder & Director

Oasis Art Studio: Founder, Director, Mentor

Cocoon Art Studio Founder and past Project Co-ordinator/mentor

New Life Girls Home Art Therapy Room: Project Advisor


Debbie Woods

John Howard Society of Belleville Executive Director         



Art On A Mission was founded by artist and volunteer Magdalena Leaker in the summer of 2014.

Cocoon Art Studio is a community art studio project founded in collaboration with Art On A Mission and the John Howard Society, in Belleville, Ontario, Canada.

Cocoon Art Studio opened it's doors for the first time on October 8th, 2015 at the John Howard Society 19-21 Wallbridge Cres., Belleville.

The initial idea planning and collaborating for a community art studio for youth at risk has evolved since, but started in July 2014 between two artists (Magdalena Leaker and Nic Bambrough).  The original dream began as a seed in their hearts back in 2011and 2012.  Magdalena approached the John Howard Society (Belleville) executive director Debbie Woods with the idea, and a partnership was born.  After the first couple of years in support of the project Nic Bambrough moved on to other endeavours, and Magdalena continued as founder and director of Art On A Mission.

The Vision of Art On A Mission:

To start affordable, not for profit, community art studios in collaboration with community partnerships.


The aim of Art On A Mission through projects such as Cocoon Art Studio is to facilitate accessible art & creativity in the community through affordable art studio space, art supplies and art mentoring, by partnering with local charitable organizations such as The John Howard Society, New Life Girls Home, and Desert Stream Church.


The Cocoon Art Studio project in partnership with the John Howard Society of Belleville, provides artistic resources and guidance through available art studio programs currently facilitated by Belleville Youth Centre, Art On A Mission, and NextDoor Art Group, to inspire, tap in to, and draw out talent and ideas in participants through the provision of a studio space, art supplies, educational resources, and artist mentoring.


Why Art?

Art is a wholesome tool of expression, with many benefits to the soul and therefore to the community at large.

The Dream:

That Art On A Mission, through projects like Cocoon Art Studio at the John Howard Society, the Art Therapy Room at New Life Girls Home, and Oasis Art Studio at Desert Stream Church, will have a positive, quality of life impact on individuals, whether they be a beneficiary or a benefactor, and also on the community.


The Cocoon Art Studio project is in partnership with The John Howard Society of Belleville, Ontario (a CRA registered charity).  With funds raised through grants, with donations of generous visionaries, and with the dedication of members from the community, Cocoon Art Studio will succeed in impacting the lives of individuals and the community it serves.

Charitable status for tax-receiptable donations provided for each studio space by the respective linked charity as listed above.